The Mad Woman in the Attic

The other day I read something that took a stab at menopausal women.  That brought on a hot flash. Aren’t we protected by anti-bullying acts or something?  Are we really fair fodder for others questionable sense of humor?  Yeah, I guess we are.  At least some of us.  Not me.  I’m never irrational or unrealistic or the proverbial “banshee on wheels”.  (Expletive carefully deleted.)  I’m as rational and as sane as the Blessed Mother.   OK, that’s a lie.  Maybe, I have moments that I’d like to forget. . . well, I actually do forget.

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I am the person behind the words printed here. I write because my heart will not allow me the option of NOT writing. It has taken me half a life time to discover this basic truth, but now that I have, writing is as natural as breathing. This is where my breath takes the form of words.


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