One Great Thing

This great sky was over our back yard. Photo by me!


Confession:    Tired of feeling raw, I retreated into my head for a little rest.

I waited for inspiration.  It didn’t come.   When I decided to look for it, I found it every where.

What can I do with these odd bits of inspiration, the moments that brighten my day and help me feel more alive?  One singular idea stared back.

What if I focus on finding one great thing every day and then wrote about why this thing was so great?

I crawled inside this idea and tried to find fault with it.    After all finding fault comes easily but the idea is able to carry itself.  My attempts to find fault fall flat.  (Try to say “find fault fall flat” quickly three times.)

I’ve been looking for my daily great thing for a while.  Most days something great gets served up to me on a platter.  Many days there are multiple great things.  Great things don’t have to be things like the finding the cure for cancer, a space voyage, or diving to the bottom of the deepest ocean trench.  Great things are those amazing out-of-the-ordinary things.  Great things can be simple acts of kindness.  They can be a distinctive outfit, a memorable vehicle, something I’ve never seen before, some new thing that I learn, something that makes me laugh.

When I make a conscious effort to be open to great things, I usually start to see great things every where.

Even though I’ve been looking for great things for a long time,  days and some times weeks can go by without my looking for my one great thing.  Those days and weeks are never as enjoyable as the days and weeks when I look for greatness every where.

Please join me.    E-mail or send me a comment if you want to join in and then keep me posted.  Let me know what great things you start noticing.     I believe that the more people look for the great, the good, the inspirational, the more the world will change.  It’s time for a paradigm shift.  Let’s make it a great one!



  • Leslie

    OHHHHH…I am SO in!!!

    • carol


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