My Dream Job

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If blank stares from expressionless faces could kill, I’d have been dead Thursday morning.  The “I-Hate-Math”  group was doing some great work perfecting their death-ray stare.  After trying unsuccessfully to pitch the math-can-be-fun idea, I gave up and just tried to connect with them on a human level.  In order to do so I asked one of my famous questions:

“If you could have any job in the world, possible or impossible what would it be?”

This was a question even the I-Hate-Math group couldn’t resist.  They seem to forget how annoying I had been and got busy thinking up an answer.  When it was my turn to share and you know I had to share on a question as wonderful as this one, I said that my dream job would be that of fairy godmother.

That job was the first thing that fell out of my mouth.  No one was more surprised than I.  Of course, the teen I-Hate-Math group was some what amused by my easy use of the word “fairy” even with godmother attached.  They didn’t grin long.  Soon the idea had taken hold.

I said,  “Ok, so maybe not a fairy but wouldn’t it be a great job to be a genie and grant other peoples’ wishes?

One thoughtful student replied with a dreamy like lilt in his voice, “Yeah, that would be a great job.”

And, indeed it would.  It would be something I would love.  There would be some guidelines to my wish granting capabilities.  What ever the wish, it had to actually help others and not hurt any one.  Nothing illegal or immoral, just beautiful wish granting at its finest.  The first thing I’d like to do as fairy godmother is grant the “I-Hate-Math group the desire to open their minds to the beauty of numbers.  Apparently, I’ve got a little ways to go until my powers kick in.  I did take a second or two and wished really hard.  At least the death rays had melted from their eyes.  So there was some progress.  And then, there is that problem with reality and the fact that I have only human powers.  Delusions of grandeur not included.

But dreams die hard.  Leaving the math class and heading for biology, I promised myself I’d give this crazy idea more thought.  The more I thought about being a fairy godmother, the more I wanted to see just what I could do that would bring me a bit closer to this dream job.  Let’s face it fairy godmothers have some fabulous outfits.  Visions of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty filled my mind.  I’d love a beautiful gown and a rockin’ wand.  Cobalt blue would be my color of choice.  I’d have wings, thin gossamer, ultra feminine wings.  Flying would be awesome.

Unless I suddenly get the jet pack I’ve always wanted, I’m going to have to accept my gravity bound limitations. No flight for me.  But there is nothing really stopping me from a cobalt blue dress.  I already have a wand, a gift for my 50th birthday and last night I saw this gorgeous hair accessory that wasn’t a tiara but had just the right amount of sparkle for a would-be fairy godmother.

Let’s face it.  The outfit is secondary to the best part of this job:  Granting people wishes.

I love to make people happy.  I like happy people and in a normal day I see a lot of folks who really could use a hug and a extra sprinkling of happiness.    I enjoy helping people and there is no doubt in my mind that the world could use a lot more positive, helpful wish granters, that don’t end up on TV shows that spot light how wonderful the wish granter is in between all the emotional appeals and words from the sponsors.

And if you’ve made it though this entry thus far and haven’t stopped reading because you are absolutely convinced I’m nuts, think about this:  While I can never be a fairy godmother with magical powers, is there anything stopping me from being someone who enjoys adding something of value to another person’s life?  It may be as simple as a smile, a kind word, the gift of time and my full-attention.   Maybe it can be even more.  Maybe, I can make it my personal mission to focus on enriching the lives of others in positive ways.

While all of this is written tongue in cheek, I found something of great value in these thoughts.  I am no Pollyanna.  Life has seared me around the edges and there are a few rough, crusty patches that will continue to show themselves despite my best intentions.  The idea that I could choose to make something as simple as focusing on how I might enrich another’s life in the smallest of ways, an organizing principle that would bring me a bit closer to a greater contentment and sense of purpose is a huge breakthrough.

Instead of feeling like a dog in a dog-eat-dog world, I could choose to share my dog food, my dog wisdom and my extra powerful canine senses.  The Community of Dog[human]kind singing the old Coca Cola jingle on the hill. . . you know. . . “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. . .” could be something I actively work toward.

Despite all the things I’ve tried to tell myself, I really enjoy caring and helping.  I’ve got a lot to learn and a long way to go but now that I’ve set my sights on my dream career, the rest is all falling into place.  I know where I’m headed.  There is a great fairy godmother academy in the sky.  While I wait to be accepted, I’m going to start practicing.  Wishes anyone?




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